Yosemite Valley The Day After The Tragedy

by Deanna
(Brentwood, CA USA)

We arrived in Yosemite Valley just around 8:30 AM on Wednesday, July 20th, 2011. We had heard nothing of the tragedies that had taken place in the 24 hours that led up to our arrival. Once we pulled over, an parked to take some pictures, we immediatey got service on our cell phones and began getting texts from family and friends who wanted to be sure we were safe and ok as they had heard of the tragedies that had taken place. We were obviously saddened and equally shocked to hear that 5 people had lost their lives in the past days.

We proceeded to take our pictures and I wanted to share this one that I snapped with my phone. You may or may not believe in this type of thing, but regardless of your beliefs, I think the picture is amazing. I find the "5" circular orb type figures above the valley to be very telling.

You can of course draw your own conclusion but be sure and look a while at the picture and honeslty, the figures which appear above the valley below appear to be separate entities in some cases and are not even connected to the "sun". Mind you this WAS only 8:30 or so in the morning.

Just wanted to share .


Deanna Fugazzi

See Kathy's Reply:

Thank you Deanna for sharing your beautiful picture and feelings. It is quite a heart breaking to hear of one person loosing their life and even more so when their are five.

The water going over the waterfalls and flowing through Yosemite National Park is amazing this year. The water is cold, fast and extremely powerful. One, person goes over Vernal Falls, a friend tries to save him and another friend tries to save them both. In an instant three people are gone.

I saw on our local news how those three people were in their early 20's, strong, vibrant and had bright futures ahead of them. We must keep their families in our prayers.

We all must continue to respect the power of water and head the many signs that are at every waterfall in Yosemite.

Thank you for sharing your picture...its quite beautiful and something to take in. Inspite of the tradegies, I hope you and yours enjoyed your visit to Yosemite this year. It's showing us alot of beauty this year :)

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