Yosemite RV Park

Are you looking for a Yosemite RV Park? I have compiled a list of where you can camp in your RV in Yosemite National Park. Alot of people travel in rv's, motorhomes, fifth wheels or with travel trailers. But there are certain campgrounds where these vehicles can be parked. Below are the names of the campgrounds that will allow the above vehicles to stay overnight.

In Yosemite Valley you may stay no more than 7 consecutive nights when camping. In the high country you are allow to stay up to 14 consecutive nights with a 30 day limit of nights stayed in a calendar year. To stay the night in Yosemite, you must stay in a

designated campsite. You are not allowed to just pullover on the side of the road and stay the night.

Campgrounds For Tents, 5th Wheels & RV's

North Pines
Upper Pines
Lower Pines
Wawona # October-April May-Sept reservations are required
Bridalveil Creek#
Hogdon Meadow # October-April May-Sept reservations are required
Hetch Hetchy Backpacker *#
Crane Flat

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Campgrounds Inside Yosemite Along Tioga Road

Tamarack Flat *#
White Wolf *#
Yosemite Creek *#
Porcupine Flat #
Tuolumne Meadows

* Campsites with this symbol means that the roads to these campgrounds are not suitable for RVs that are over 27 feet long.

# Campsites with this symbol means that these campgrounds are on a first come, first serve basis. All other campsites without this symbol require you to make a reservation

I am going to advise you to make your reservations in advance. Camping spots are very popular. If you are having trouble getting a reservation, continue to call back. I see people cancel just before their trip and campsites do become available. I really believe that the key to getting into a reservaton is to be persistent!

Map Of The Different RV And Camping Sites In Yosemite

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