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Vernal Falls

If you want the latest Yosemite National Park News then bookmark this page and you will always have access to all the latest news regarding Yosemite National Park. On this page, I have the Google news feed that is updated continuously. Breaking news will be listed here so that you know exactly what is happening in Yosemite.

Information about regular scheduled events, rockslides, fires, floods, crazy weather and park rescues I are listed here. If you're like me you are just curious to know about real time events that have to do with Yosemite. This is the place to check.

I noticed that roads open and close in a moments notice during winter months. Rockslides always come without warning and I don't believe that a hiker ever plans on falling to their death from the top of a Yosemite waterfall. After all my years of coming to Yosemite, I know that campers don't really believe that the bears can break into their cars. The Yosemite search and rescue team really does rescue tourists from trails and bodies of water.

And besides the unexpected, the vote to restore Hetch Hetchy still rolls on. People vote and speak their mind about how Yosemite should do things. And generally, all of these things makes the Yosemite National Park news.

There is no need to speculate on rockslides, drownings, falls and park rescues. Here, I give you the breaking news and the facts. These newsfeeds are where I myself learn about some of the crazy and just stupid stunts that people do while in Yosemite. Things like tight rope walking (sometimes without any reinforcements!) and climbing the granite walls of Yosemite while drunk. Yes, stupid people tricks almost always makes the news!

Up to date information will keep you in the loop and abreast of everything important for this US National Park.

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