Yosemite Mirror Lake

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I have been witnessing Yosemite Mirror Lake filling itself in, naturally with silt and sand. Growing up, this area was only known as Mirror Lake.  But eventually it will be called Mirror Meadow because the lake will disappear. The free shuttle that makes the valley loop will bring you to stop #17. It is here that you need to get off of the shuttle and walk to the lake.

It is a one mile walk on a paved service road.

I will tell you that the shady walk to the lake has a casual incline and is a very pleasant hike. This is consider as one of the easy day hikes in Yosemite...and most enjoyable. If you have never hiked or its been awhile, this is a good one for you to get hiking. No hiking skills required for this one! I have pushed a stroller and wheelchair on this road. I have walked it and rode my bike here. When my grandfather was alive, he loved to ride his motorized wheelchair on this shaded road!

The Yosemite Mirror Lake is fullest as the snow melts. Depending on the season the water can be 8-22 feet deep. It covers about 8 acres of area. From spring to summer there is a nice lake of water that we have swam in, fished in and laid on the sandy shore. It is a great place in Yosemite to relax. Mount Watkins and Half Dome are reflected in the water on many postcards that you will see.

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The cub bear we saw walking to Mirror Lake

As you walk on the shaded paved road to Mirror Lake, you are very likely to see some wild life. On our last visit to Yosemite NP, we saw a cub bear crossing the road and we watched him play on the side of the road for quite awhile!

On this hike, you will see beautiful views Half Dome on your right. Next to the road that you will be walking on you'll see Tenaya Creek.

Mirror Lake is a great place to go swimming! You can climb on rocks and jump right in. The last time we were swimming there, we saw a deer less than 10 feet away from us getting a drink of water.

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Jake & Tiffany swimming in Yosemite's Mirror Lake

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We saw this deer at Mirror Lake

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We watched this bear for more than an hour playing the meadow at Mirror Lake

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You can easily spend hours exploring & playing around in Mirror Lake :)

If you bring your own bike, the road to Mirror Lake makes for a great ride!

If you rent bikes in the valley there is a bike rack 3/4 of a mile up the road. Since rented bikes do not have gears you may not ride them to the end of the road. But you may certainly take your own bike to the end of the road.

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Logan & Steve biking to Mirror Lake

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