Yosemite Camping Reservations

Getting Yosemite camping reservations can be tough because Yosemite Nat park is a popular place for those who like to camp. I have put together some specific information and my best tips so that getting reservations in Yosemite will be a little bit easier for you.

There are almost 1,500 campsites that are available for camping in Yosemite National Park.

Camping spaces become available on the 15th of every month. For example, On January 15th you may make reservations for June 15th to July 15th. Another example is on May 15th you may make reservations for October 15th to November 15th.

So if you want to make your Yosemite reservations for June 1st then you need to call on December 15th. Because on December 15th reservations for May 15th through June 15th become available.

You are only allowed to reserve one campsite at a time. So if you need more than one campsite, you will have to make separate reservations. People change their plans and cancel reservations every day. So keep trying back if your date is not available. I have often gotten a reservation days before wanting to go

because of other people cancelling their reservations. I always find that reservations are easier to get in Tuolumne Meadows (upper Yosemite) than it is down in Yosemite Valley. Get the reservation where you can.

Yosemite camping reservations can be made by phone or by going through websites.

Yosemite requires that the person who makes the reservation is to be the same person to check-in upon arrival. I often notice that they even want to see a photo id of the person checking in.

You cannot just show up in the Yosemite valley and expect to find a campsite! The odds are extremely high that by going this route, you will not get one. If you pitch a tent or throw down a sleeping bag without a reservation, you will asked by a park ranger to leave.

There are many reasons that Yosemite California is a popular California vacation hotspot and I think that 4 million people can't be wrong!

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