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Yosemite advertising is for local businesses that offer services to people who visit Yosemite National Park. In fact, if you have a business in or around any of the 58 US National Parks, you can advertise on this site. I offer well priced, custom designed advertising. You will get targeted visitors that are

seeking to come to Yosemite National Park and the other US National Parks. You can get your business found by advertising on my website.

Advertising your business on my website is a hundred times better than advertising in magazines, brochures or newspapers. That is because today, most people research their vacations on the internet. You want them to know about you before they get to Yosemite, not after they are there. Offline advertising reaches the visitor after they have made their reservations and plans.

When people visit my website, they are planning a visit to Yosemite National Park or one of the other US National Parks. They are not only planning their outdoor activities, but planning where to stay and looking to make a reservation. Visitors are also researching the activities that they want to do and are weighing their choices. They often are are seeking out information about seeing the surrounding area.

My website allows you to reach a highly target customer. Customers who are looking for a place to stay, a place to eat, equipment for camping, fishing and hiking. They are coming to Yosemite to take pictures, ski, snow get the picture.

With over 1,100 visitors a day, (7 days a week/24 hours a day/365 days a year) people from around the world are looking at That is more than 35,000 people a month looking at this website! And those visitors are looking at over 68,000 pages a month on this website. There are currently 400 different pages of information on this website...and I am adding to it weekly. The more pages, I put up...the more visitors I get. ranks well with search engines

With 50% of my pages (and growing!) being ranked on the first page for specific keywords. Every month, the rankings for this site go higher in Google's system because of how well my site is built and the information that I give to my visitors. will reach your visitors before they come. It will be Yosemite advertising dollars well spent. Give visitors first shot at booking with you and purchasing the vacation items that they need with just a click of a button. Today, people of all ages use the internet to search for vacation getaways. I have the visitors that you want and need. Advertising on this site will give you the edge over your competition. is not like the other websites

My site is visually appealing, up to date and very easy to navigate. This doesn't even look like the other websites! This site was build from our families passion for Yosemite National Park. Visitors often tell me how much this site helped them to plan their national park vacation. Many follow my blog and subscribe to the RSS feed. They love getting notified that new things have been added to this site. is not a commercial website and therefore I do not allow just anyone to be a sponsor. I am seeking quality business partners that will benefit my visitors and the sponsor. I am accepting a limited number of sponsorships on an exclusive basis for each category (lodging, tours, airlines, restaurants etc.) You must have an excellent service or product for me to consider you. I will not

compromise my visitors experience to Yosemite or to other US National Parks.

Yosemite advertising sponsorship rates are based on this sites traffic, value to the sponsor, the ad size and prominence on the pages. I will do my part to brand your business with my visitors.

So if you are interested in more information, I would love to hear from you. This is Yosemite advertising and other US National Parks advertising that works. Just fill out the form below and I will be in touch. I look forward to hearing with you.

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