Yosemite Activities For Each Season

My Family Floating The River

My Family Bike Riding

Yosemite activities can change as the seasons change. But rest assure that there are some mighty fine activities to do here each and every month of the year. And I'm here to help you know what you can do, any month that you choose to come.

The fall and winter months do not draw the crowds that the spring and summer months do. (Maybe over time, you can come to see Yosemite in each of the season.) I find Yosemite, this time of year, to be very quiet and peaceful.

My Son & Husband Skiing

My Son & I Horseback riding


Spring is perhaps the most beautiful time of the year to visit Yosemite National Park.  The waterfalls are at their peak. The frazil ice is flowing. Rainbows are easily found at the base of waterfalls in the afternoons. The trails are open for hiking. The horses are brought back to the stables and are ready for you to ride them. The meadows are green and I often find the animals grazing in them. The bike rental shop is open and clouds often linger just enough in the valley to make your pictures perfect. I find cloudy days to be the perfect days for taking pictures:)


There is a reason that the summer months are so popular with visitors. River rafting, hiking, horseback riding, fishing and biking are daily Yosemite activities. Bears, dear, coyotes, squirrels and birds are out and easy to spot.


I always find the winter months in Yosemite National Park to be quite. There are no crowds, no lines and a serenity like no other time of the year. My favorite activities include: ice skating at Curry Village, snow shoeing throughout the park, skiing at Badger Pass, snow play, cross country skiing, ice skating in Tuolumne Meadows, and cozy fires at the Ahwahnee Hotel. The snowfall blankets the meadows and the huge granite cliffs. Clouds roll in and out of the valley and I find it facinating to plant myself somewhere and just watch them. I am happy to tell you that winter is a really great time to visit Yosemite National Park.


This is the time of year that the leaves change color on the trees and the crowds are very light. The trails are open for hiking and they are not crowded. The evenings are cool and the water level is low. But I love walking in the meadows and sitting on bridges this time of year. It's a great time to reflect and relax.

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