Triple Crown Sports In Yosemite

Triple Crown Sports are done by athletes who are in extremely good shape. Yosemite National Park has its own triple crown and it doesn't even involve a horse! This is an extreme sport that has you climbing Half Dome, El Capitan and Glacier Point...all in one long day.

Half Dome

El Capitan

Glacier Point

Troy Kellenberger received the Yosemite triple crown title. He is not your average Yosemite hiker though. On Saturday, (September 12th, 2009) the 19 year old Fresno City College student made it to the top of Half Dome, El Capitan and Glacier Point -- all in one day.

Okay, I will admit that I have never climbed all three of these points in one summer, let a lone in one day! I always drive to Glacier Point...never even hiked up it. Although, I have hiked down to the valley from Glacier Point. So, this Yosemite gal is very impressed with the feat that Mr. Kellenberger has completed. Way to go!

This hike is not for the faint of heart or the weekend warrior. 

I believe that this triple crown feat is attempted by very few people. The route is 43 miles long and requires you to experience 24,000 feet of elevation change. You go 12,000 feet up and 12,000 feet down.

The most amazing thing about this athletic feet is that Kellenberger finished the 3 different climbs in 14 hours, 53 minutes.

"I felt pretty good right after," he said. "Just another day on the trail, I guess."

But what a day it must have been. Kellenberger and a friend started up Half Dome (by way of the Vernal Falls mist trail) at midnight Saturday and returned at 4:20 am. Another friend accompanied him up El Capitan, which took from 5:50 to 11:10 am. At 12:10 pm., all three started up the Four-Mile Trail to Glacier Point. Kellenberger was back down to Yosemite valley by 2:53 pm. Okay, I'm impressed :)

Kellenberger said he "speed walked" on the uphill sections and ran the downhills.

"I know I can break 14 hours with a little better planning," he said. "Maybe next year."

I'm rooting for you bud:)

Below is a video that I found on You Tube of Aaron and Joseph. A couple of hikers who did Yosemite's Triple Crown in 2007.

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