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I am here to help you get your outdoor gear online. Whether your hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing...whatever the activity, I've got the gear you want at great prices! All items will be sent directly to you or the address of your choice.

Backpacking/Camping Chairs

I think these are the absolute best choices for backpacking or camping chairs. These chairs are durable, fold-able, lightweight, affordable and most importantly...comfortable!

Get A Backpacking Or Camping Chair

Kids Camping Chairs

Backpacking/Camping Coffee Makers

These are top rated coffee makers that were designed for those who backpack or go camping. Make the perfect cup of coffee every morning. No need to find an outlet, these coffee makers run on propane or butane. I can put on my hiking clothes and by the time I am dressed, the coffee is ready!

Backpacking And Camping Coffee Makers

Backpacking/Camping Cookware

Compact, lightweight and great performing cookware sets is what every backpacker/camper needs. These sets are made so well, that I can count on mine lasting at least 10 years. These choices are consistently rank as Editor Choice Awards each year. Stainless steel and titanium cookware choices are right here for you. I want you buy the outdoor gear that will stand the test of time.

See The Top Rated Cookware Choices

Backpacking Food Ideas

Here are my favorite great tasting, easy to prepare and reasonably priced food choices for those who like to backpack. These food choices are the top choices by avid backpackers.

Backpacking Food Ideas

Backpacking/Camping Tarps

Tarps are lightweight, easy to set up and very versatile. Use one instead of a tent. Get this outdoor gear online and use it to cover the ground or to cover your gear. These tarps are sturdy and will last you for years to come.

See The Best Tarps For The Outdoors

Backpacking/Camping Water Filters

Here are six of the easiest to use and easy to clean water filters. Great for hiking, day trips, backpacking and camping. Drinking clean filtered water keeps me and my family from getting diarrhea and sick. I recommend this outdoor gear online and have no doubt that this will be one of the best purchases you will make for your outdoor trips.

Backpacking & Camping Water Filters

Bear Canisters

If your spending the night in the wilderness, I feel you must have a bear canister. It is the only thing that keeps a bear out of your food. In US National Parks, canisters are required. Stringing your food up in a bag between two trees does not work at keeping bears out. I find bear canisters hard to find most of the time. Get this piece of outdoor gear online today.

Get Bear Canisters Here

My Best Hiking Socks

The best hiking socks will fit you right, wick away moisture from your skin, provide plenty of cushion for your feet and be comfortable. Here are my top choices for men, women and children's hiking socks.

Best Hiking Socks

Best Pocket Knife

The best pocket knife doesn't cost a lot of money. It will last you for many years and it won't pull your pocket down. Here are the top 5 knives from the Backpacker Magazine Editor Choice Award.

Best Pocket Knife


This page is dedicated to helping you learn how to buy binoculars. Learn about the best brands like, Nikon Monarch binoculars, Celestron binoculars and Brunton binoculars. I think binoculars are great to bring to Yosemite National Park.

My Tips To Buying Binoculars

My Favorite Cameras

Here are some of this years Best High Speed Video Cameras, SLR's and Digital Cameras available. These made the list in a couple of Photography and Consumer Product magazines this year. I believe everyone should have a camera when they come to Yosemite National Park.

This Years Best High Speed Video Cameras, SLR's and Digital Cameras

My Favorite Cheap Hammocks

Here are my favorite, inexpensive, yet durable, hammocks. I find them perfect for backpacking, camping or setting up in front of my Yosemite cabin. One has its own stand and can be tied up between two trees.

Cheap Hammocks

Cold Weather Clothes...Base Layer

If you are doing an outdoor activity, you need to dress right. You need a base layer of hiking clothes that breathe, stays dry, is lightweight and very comfortable. Here are this years top choices in winter hiking clothes (also great for climbing, backpacking, snowboarding etc.).

Great Base Layer Clothes For Cold Weather Activities

Cold Weather Clothes...Second Layer

If it is cold and your outside, you need to dress right. The second layer of clothes is the right shirt. Here are this years top choices in long sleeve shirts. They are also great for climbing, backpacking, snowboarding etc.

Great Shirts For Cold Weather Activities

Electrolyte Tablets

I always keep my body well hydrated by drinking lots of water when I hike. Higher altitudes and being active can make you dehydrated. Drop an electrolyte tablet in your water and you'll keep you muscles from cramping up and being fatigued. Buy this outdoor gear online and save money today.

Learn More About Electrolytes

First Aid Kit For Backpacking, Hiking Or Camping

Here are my favorite choices for first aid kits. I love them for backpacking, hiking or camping. Everything you need if you get hurt outdoors. Be prepared and get your outdoor gear online today.

A Complete First Aid Kit

Hiking Backpacks

Here I talk about my favorite hiking pack. First, let me show you how to get measured for the right hiking backpack. You are guaranteed to get a perfect fit if you follow my instructions. A good backpack will have a comfortable fit over your hiking clothes. You can buy this outdoor gear online and have it sent directly to you.

How To Buy The Perfect Hiking Backpack

Hiking GPS

Here are the gps's that made the list for this years best hiking gps. Unfortunately, bad things happen sometimes. A gps tool will help you locate exactly where you are if you get lost. Cell phones are useless if the signal is too weak to penetrate the trees and clouds. Tuck a GPS into your pack. A good gps will tell you where you are and if needed will tell a rescue team your precise location. I would not recommend that you hike without one. Get this piece of outdoor gear online today.

Learn About And See The Top GPS Choices

Hiking Jackets

The North Face Jacket and the Oakley brand are the hottest lightweight coats and shells going. But the Marmot Jacket was rated #1 for this year. No matter what time of year you come to Yosemite, I recommend that you bring a pullover sweatshirt or coat of some kind. If your not cold, your chasing bugs away in the evening. Getting your outdoor gear online assures that you get the latest style.

See And Get The Hottest Jackets And Shells For This Year

Hiking Shoes

Here are the best hiking shoes this year. These are shoes that work on rocky terrain and dusty trails. They are versatile enough for anything that you might run up against on a trail. I love how they give you lots of support and are still very little weight. These have perfect toe to heel fit for your feet.

See The Best Hiking Shoes

Hiking Staff, Hiking Sticks And Trekking Poles

A hiking staff, a walking stick and trekking poles all make hiking so much easier. They help you to cross rocky terrain, streams and they help you keep your balance going up and down hiking trails. The added bonus is that you get an upper body workout without any extra effort! Black Diamond trekking poles and Leki trekking poles lead consumer favorites this year.

Learn About Hiking Staffs And Trekking Poles

Hiking Water Bottles

Safe Stainless steel water bottles are a good choice for everyone. There are many excellent choices to choose from. Make sure that whatever you choose, you pick one that is BPA free.

See BPA Free Water Bottles

Hiking/Sports Watches

There is a world of watches to choose from. Being outdoors requires a sturdy, reliable timepiece. Here are the Editors Choice Award picks for this year as well as some all time best sellers. From hiking watches to freestyle watches. I have several choices for men and women. All in all, there are some very cool timepieces here!

See The Most Popular Hiking/Sports Watches

Ice Cream Maker Ball

Pack it along with your hiking clothes and you'll be the hit of your campsite with an ice cream maker ball! Just put the ingredients in the ball and toss the ball around for 30 minutes. Open up the ball and presto...soft serve ice cream! Lightweight, easy to clean up and quite the memory maker!

Ice Cream Maker Ball

Mosquito And Bug Repellent

Here I want to share with you some mosquito facts and the mosquito life cycle. I'll try to help you not get mosquito bites and tell you the differences in mosquito repellants. Sometimes you need more than hiking clothes, you just need bug repellent!

Learn About Mosquito's And Repellents

Sleeping Bags

Camping sleeping bags come in wide arrangement of styles, colors and shapes. Let me show you the different styles and their best attributes. I'll teach you how to fix a broken zipper and care for a sleeping bag. You can purchase sleeping bags for the kids and adults.

Learn More And Purchase A Sleeping Bag


Here you will have the opportunity to purchase the best polarized sunglasses that are out today. The Oakley sunglasses and the Native sunglasses are the hot brands this year. But first let me tell you what you need to know about polarization in these cool sunglasses. Getting this outdoor gear online helps you to know that you are getting exactly what you want.

Learn About Polarized Sunglasses And Purchase Them


Get the Sunscreen Facts. First, lets learn about the suns rays. The sun gives off UVB Rays and UVA Rays. Some sunscreens only block the UVB rays and not the UVA rays. To protect ourselves we want to block both of kinds of rays. Get your sunscreen outdoor gear online. I'll show you which kind to buy.

Learn About Sunscreens And Purchase Them Here


Columbia tents and other popular tents are all represented on this page. I have something for everyone. Whether you need sleeping for one person or 10 people, I have a tent that will fit the bill. Get this type of outdoor gear online and it is typically cheaper than what you can find locally.

Get A Tent For Backpacking Or Camping

Watch For Poison Oak While Camping And Hiking

I'll show you a typical picture of a poison oak rash. I'll show you what the plant looks like and how to recognize its three leaves. I am going to share with you treatments for if get poison oak. And I'll tell you to just throw away your hiking clothes if you come into contact with poison oak! Get this piece of outdoor gear online today and save yourself the hassle of trying to find it locally.

See Pictures Of Poison Oak And Get Remedies For It

Water Hydration Packs

Carry water in a specially designed backpack. I find they free up my hands, fit nicely over my hiking clothes and I have a straw ready to drink from. Great for hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities.

Learn About Water Hydration Packs

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