Kenai Fjords Natl Park

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Kenai Fjords Natl Park in Alaska has one of the largest ice-fields in the United States. Harding ice-field is 30 glaciers that come together to make a 700 square mile ice-field. It is 35 miles long and 20 miles wide.

A fjord is a long narrow inlet where the sea comes between steep cliffs.

It forms a deep U shaped valley and the trough extends out and into the sea.

The fjords are carved by volcanic and glacier action. The fjords are deep and they often hold a large body of water between mountains or ice glaciers. There are loads of fjords in the state of Alaska and the really add to the beauty of the landscape.

Sight-seeing Alaska's Fjords are very popular with cruise ships. When ice sheets break off of glaciers, they can be heard up to 20 miles away. As the ice sheets break off, it changes the landscape of the Kenai Fjord Natl Park.

You can hike to the top of Harding Ice-field. It is a 7.4 mile round trip hike that will take you 6-8 hours. it is tough hike, but the views at the top are nothing short of spectacular. If you enjoy the outdoors and love to hike, this is worth taking a day and going for a hike. When you are here, you can hear the glacier cracking and breaking inside. It's quite surreal. Once you experience, you'll never forget it.

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With a 1,000,000 million hairs per square inch, sea otters can easily live in the cold waters of Alaska. These social animals are in abundance here in Alaska. Grab your camera and binoculars before you come.

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I believe the Exit Glacier is worth seeing when you are here. This is a river of ice that is a half of a mile wide. It moves approximately two feet every day, year around.

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