Ken Burns National Parks Book And DVD

Ken Burns National Parks: America's Best Idea book and/or DVD are a must see if you are interested in any of the United States National Parks. Six years in the making and it does not disappoint! It even opens up with Yosemite National Park being the featured first park.

Ken Burns is a famous film maker of documentaries.

He was quoted as saying that he loved all the national parks but that if he had to pick a would be Yosemite National Park. (Good choice Ken!)

This series of six episodes will give you great detail of the history of national parks as well as profile the people that help to make a difference in these places that have been preserved for you, me and our children.

I have seen this three times and learn something new each and every time that I have watched it.

If you like national park vacations, then there is no better guide than Ken Burns DVD or book. The scenery is breath taking at every park. If you are looking to flavor your next getaway with history, natural beauty and memorable views, then please consider Yosemite or another of America's national parks.

You can own your own DVD box collection of America's National Parks by clicking on the picture below.

This is a great way to get educated about Americas Parks. If there are US National Parks that you don't know about, this boxed DVD set is great way to learn about them. I know that after learning about and seeing some parks that are not near me, that there are some I am now very interested in visiting. I know that you will want to watch these DVD's many times over.

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