Camping And Hiking Journals

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I have a nice selection of camping and hiking journals below. These journals are really great if you are spending time outdoors. Write down where you have been, what you see and how it all makes you feel. Record your adventures, your travels and your thoughts. Sketch a picture. Writing is a great way to remember things and a way to express yourself.

You may be the only one who reads whatever you write.

And that is okay. I personally like to reflect on the times I spend camping, backpacking or hiking. I have taught my kids to journal as well. I think writing is therapeutic. Writing allows me to see myself grow and change. When your write, it doesn't have to be poetic. It can be done anyway that you like.

I would say to you to write in paragraphs or bullet points or single sentences. There is no wrong way to journal. Whatever works for you is just fine.

Depending on how well you write, you might very well be able to relive your outdoor adventures by re-reading your journal at a later date. This is how my daughter writes. She is very descriptive in her journals.. She writes about the sights, the sounds and the smells. Her writing brings an entire experience right back to us when we go back and read her journal.  It's fun to be able to recall exactly how you were feeling when you re-read what you have written.

Sometimes, we allow others to read what we have written. When others read what you have written, I feel that they get to know us better. They understand us more. They get a real since of who we are by reading our journals. My daughter lets me read her journal and I have discovered that I have a future book author that I am raising:)

Most of us are at our best when we spend time outdoors. It clears our head. We feel good about ourselves and our lives. Sitting by a stream, lying in a tent or relaxing by a campfire is a great time to write about your day.

Take a look at the beautiful journals below. There are different styles and different sizes. Tuck a pen and a journal in your bag and give way to putting some thoughts down on paper when your outdoors. You'll be glad that you did.

Hiking Journals

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