Camping Sleeping Bags

Camping sleeping bags come in wide arrangement of styles, colors and shapes. Below I have listed the different styles and their best attributes.

These bags unzip on three sides. You can get two bags unzip them and then zip them together for one large bag. Great for moderate to warm climates.

Hooded Bags

These bags retain the most heat. They are rounded at the top to swaddle your head, like a pillow. They come with a draw cord to prevent heat from escaping around your neck.

2 Person Bags

Great for couples, a parent and a child or someone who likes to move around a lot. Most of these come with their own pillows. They even come apart to make two individual bags.

Mummy bags

These bags are narrower at the bottom than they are at the top. They unzip about half way down on one side. These bags do a great job keeping ones feet warm since feet can't pop out while sleeping. Great for all climates.

Women's Bags

These are wider in the hip area and narrower in the shoulder areas. They are typically warmer to sleep in because of the way the insulation is distributed in the bag. Great bag if you don't move around a lot in your sleep.


A Down filled bag is the lightest of all sleeping bags. They are the best insulated bags. The higher the fill rating, the higher the quality of the sleeping bag. If feathers poke through, don't pull them out...just push them back in and massage the shell and it will self heal. These are popular camping sleeping bags.


These are the less expensive sleeping bags. They are not the most durable or compressible. If they get wet, they take a long time to dry out.


Wispy shells with short zippers and a snug fit. These bags are ideal for hikers and those who like to pack up a bag fast. Very lightweight bags.

Right now, the Slumberjack brand is popular. Popular because they are lightweight (2-3.5 pounds) and they work in all kinds of weather and climates. I love how they even fold down to the size of a loaf of bread! They are made of durable fabrics and are well insulated. They are considered to be a high performance sleeping bag.

My best tip for you: If you move around while sleeping, go for the wider bag. If you don't move around while sleeping, a narrower bag will keep you nice and warm.

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Browse through the camping sleeping bags below. These are all the most popular right now. Click on a picture to learn more and purchase one. All price ranges are here. Choices for adults and children.

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