A California Travel Guide To Yosemite

Here is your Yosemite California travel guide on all things Yosemite National Park. From bringing your pets to dealing with the crowds. I am giving your useful information so that you can make the most of your visit here.

Before you decide to come here for a vacation, you need to make sure that you can afford to come.

If you're coming here to Yosemite, know how to keep your cool with a crowd of people. If you are coming from outside of the United States, you need to know the current rate of exchange for your money.

Below I have created some links to help you with these things.

I want you to know all that you need to know before coming. It is my intent for this to be one of the best travel sites ever. This site will be your California travel guide to Yosemite National Park. I want you to know that coming here is an affordable family vacation. Be sure to get my free travel checklist. Just click on what interests you below and enjoy!

Stupid Things People Do In Yosemite

Sometimes, people just turn their brains off when they go on vacation. Sometimes, the alcohol or the drugs take over their brains. But when these things happen and someone is rock climbing, hiking, floating the river or doing an activity that counts on them being present...well, lets just say that we can count on the Yosemite's Search And Rescue Team getting a call!

Take A Look At What Stupid People Do In Yosemite!

Yosemite Hanavirus Update

The Hantavirus is no longer a threat to Yosemite visitors. Officials have removed the Signature Canvas Tents that were attracting the deer mice. It is safe to stay in Curry village now :)

Learn More About The Hantavirus In Yosemite

Yosemite National Park Address

Here is Yosemite National Park's address and a few of the most requested phone numbers. Also here is information for permits for movie making within the park.

Yosemite National Park's Address & Phone Numbers

Bringing Your Pet To Yosemite

You can bring your pets to Yosemite, but there are some rules that you need to know. Know where you can take them and where you can board them. This piece of information will be your California travel guide for pets in Yosemite.

Bringing Your Pet To Yosemite

Quotes About Nature & Hiking

Here is a great collection of quotes about nature and hiking. These hopefully will make you stop, think and long to get back out into nature again soon.

Great Quotes About Nature & Hiking

Yosemite Is An Affordable Vacation

I have been coming to Yosemite for 50 years now. It is one of the most affordable family vacations that you can do! Here are several things that you can do in Yosemite Natl Park for free.

See Why Yosemite Is An Affordable Vacation

Dealing With And Avoiding the Crowds

As part of this California travel guide, let's talk about the crowds of people that come to Yosemite National Park. The busiest times are Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day. I refuse to visit on a Memorial Day ever again! To many people on that particular holiday.

Tips On How To Handle Crowds Of People

The Ahwahnee Hotel Is A 5 Star Resort

Yosemite National Park offers one of the best Family Resort Vacations to be found! Stay at the 5 star Ahwahnee Hotel and get yourself pampered. Fine dining and luxurious rooms. Organized activities are available to keep you and the kids as busy as you want to be.

Yosemite Is A 5 Star Resort Vacation Spot

Convert Your Money To US Dollars

Many people come from around the world to see Yosemite. I have provided you a money exchanger so that you may see how far your money will go once you change it to US dollars.

Convert Your Money To US Dollars

Printable Travel Checklist

Having a travel checklist will help you to remember everything that has to be done. Print this list out and check the items off as they are completed.

Print Out A Travel Checklist

Water Safety In Yosemite

The water in Yosemite moves fast and it is very cold. Learn water safety tips so that you don't have to meet the Yosemite Search & Rescue Team!

Learn Water Safety Tips Before Coming To Yosemite

Best Hiking Tips

Don't be a weekend warrior where you just leave the city and hit a Yosemite hiking trail! Use these tips to prepare and get in shape before you put on those hiking boots to hike. It's no fun getting hurt or lost in Yosemite. Prepare ahead of time :)

My Best Hiking Tips

Hiking Safely In Yosemite

My 10 best hiking safety tips. Common sense goes a long way when hiking in Yosemite National Park (or anywhere). But it is surprising how many people don't follow all 10 tips and get in trouble.

Hiking Safely In Yosemite

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