California National Parks

There are eight California National Parks. I have had the good fortune to visit each and every one and put together below an excellent National Parks list for you. In addition to the National Parks there are national monuments, historical sites, recreational areas, national preserves and a protected seashore. I have tried to give you a little bit of information about each of these areas. A National Parks Pass will get you into each of these places.

California National Parks

Channel Islands A group of five islands that the National Park preserves. Protected is the ocean environment, plants, animals and the archeological resources. In Southern California.

Death Valley A very hot and dry desert! Sand dunes, canyons and 3 million acres of rock wilderness.

Joshua Tree Another desert park. Has extreme climate changes with strong winds and unexpected rains.

Kings Canyon Located in Central California and connected to Sequoia National Park. Has deep canyons to explore, a number of caves and the worlds largest trees.

Lassen Volcanic In Northern California. This park has boiling mud pots and beautiful forests.

Redwoods A beautiful redwood forest along California's Northern coastline.

Sequoia Located in Central California and connected to Kings Canyon National Park. Has the worlds largest trees, immense mountain scenery, caves to explore and more!

Yosemite You're on the site to tell you everything about Yosemite National Park! Located in Central California. (A favorite of California National Parks)

National Historic Sites

Eugene O'Neill In Northern California. The home of the man who won a Nobel Prize.

Fort Point This is the place that protected the San Francisco harbor from the Confederate and foreign attack during and after the US Civil War.

John Muir Known to many as 'The Father Of The National Park Service.' The man who fought to protect the beautiful places that are in the National Park System.

Manzanar A war relocation center.

San Francisco Maritime Located in Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. This historical park will tell you about the history of the Pacific Coast Maritime.

National Monuments

Cabrillo is down in San Diego (the southern tip of California). A monument of Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo who was a European to be the first one to step on the Western coast of the United States. Lots of cultural and natural resources to visit.

Devils Postpile Home of the beautiful Rainbow Falls, great hiking and camping. Has the worlds best example of a Columnar Basalt that is 60 feet high and very symmetrical.

Lava Beds Over 400 lava tube caves, craters, buttes, cones and chimneys.

Muir Woods A trail that winds through beautiful redwood trees. In Northern California not far from San Francisco.

Pinnacles In the East of Central California. Here you will find an ancient volcano, massive monoliths, spires, sheer walled canyons and talus passages.

National Recreation Area

San Francisco Golden Gate 59 miles of beautiful California Coastline. Beaches, historic monuments, Alcatraz Island, bridges, the bay and more.

Whiskeytown Located in Northern California. Here you will find a beautiful lake and waterfalls. There are opportunities for hiking, biking and horseback riding.

National Seashore

Point Reyes The ocean crashes against the rocky shores of this beautiful place. Lots of sandy beaches. Home to extraordinary views.

National Preserves

Mojave A Southern California desert. Sand dunes, volcanic cinder cones and home to the famous Joshua Tree Forest.

California National Parks is made up of many beautiful places in California. The parks cover deserts, the world largest trees, granite cliffs, seashores, waterfalls, caves, volcano's and dense forests. I hope you get to visit some of them if not all of them!

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