Camping Or Backpacking Waterfilter

Get yourself one of the best camping or backpacking waterfilters around. I have found the top rated water filters for you. Drinking contaminated water can make you very sick. And getting sick is a sure fire way to wreck your vacation! We all have to drink plenty of water so that we don't get dehydrated. So, since we are going to drink water, we might as well drink good water.

I find today's filters easy to set up, use and clean. It is one of my  best purchases that I have made for the outdoors. Face it, it is to cumbersome and to heavy to bring bottled water on a hike. Parasites are definitely in lakes and streams. Have fresh clean water is a must.

Humans and animals sometimes urinate in mountain lakes and streams. Water in lakes and streams are often contaminated with bacteria, protozoa, parasites,salmonella, giardia, cryptosporidium, pesticides, iodine, chlorine, silt, mud or dirty debris. Drinking contaminated water will cause diarrhea, stomach aches and just cause you to feel lousy at the very least.

Boiling water takes time and equipment. Getting your water safe to drink with tablets often makes your water smell, changes its color and leaves a bad after taste in your mouth. Water filters are easy to use and very lightweight. And they do not add that much weight to your backpack. Getting a water filter is a no-brainer if you're going to be hiking or spending time outdoors. In fact, having one is a smart idea!

Below are six of the easiest to use and easy to clean water filters. Each of the water filters will filter water quickly...about 1-2 liters per minute. These filters are great for camping, backpacking, day trips or hiking in general. Some filters will have you pump to get the water clean. Other water filters allow you to hang them up to filter and get the water clean. 

I personally like the hanging filters because to me they are the easiest camping and backpacking filters to use. Just hang them up, walk away and let them do their thing. We set ours up, go for a hike and when we come back from having our fun, our water is ready.

Get a backpacking waterfilter today!

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