Backpacking Around The World And Into Yosemite National Park

Can you imagine backpacking around the world...and right into Yosemite National Park?! Thousands of backpackers do this each and every year. I have talked to some of the worldwide backpackers while on the Yosemite hiking trails.

The Ansel Adams Wilderness covers 228,500 acres and the John Muir Wilderness covers 584,000 acres.

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A Sierra Nevada Mountain range that has elevations ranges from 4,000 feet to 14,496 feet. If you are one to strap on a have got to come to Yosemite National Park!

John Muir Trail Maps - Package of 13

Your journey to Yosemite will take you to hundreds of blue lakes, thousands of streams, numerous waterfalls, through thick forests, over sheer granite walls and into many alpine meadows.

Yosemite National Park has backpacking trails for beginners, as well as for the expert hiker. People who are backpacking around the world usually will make their way to the trails in the Yosemite mountains.

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Backpacking Fun

The John Muir Trail begins in Yosemite National Park (at Happy Isles leading up to Vernal Falls) and crosses into the Donahue Pass and into the Ansel Adams Wilderness and then into Inyo National Forest. There are literally hundreds of marked hiking trails for backpackers to explore.

Learn About Ansel Adams

The highest peak in the lower 48 states is Mount Whitney. Topping off at 14,505 feet and it is located in the John Muir Wilderness. Located smack in the middle of the Sierra Nevada Mountains that are a beautiful sight of rugged peaks and deep canyons.

Don't want to backpack alone? Want someone to teach you how to backpack? Take a 3 day Yosemite 10 lake backpacking tour with professionals. Just click on this link to learn more:

Backpacking Yosemite's Ten Lakes

All of the backpacking trails in Yosemite have some possibility of having you meet up with a bear. So, I think you must know that bear canisters are mandatory for all backpackers. Yosemite is rugged high country and home to lots of wildlife and mosquito's.

I think that people who go backpacking around the world usually have on their bucket list to come and walk the John Muir Trail because it is the longest stretch of the Pacific Crest trail that has no towns or highway crossings. The Pacific Crest Trail goes from Canada To Mexico...and right threw Yosemite National Park. This trail is 2,650 miles of pure hiking. 216 of those miles goes threw these Sierra Mountains.

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90% of the people who visit Yosemite National Park never get past the valley floor. And yet some of Yosemite's most beautiful places are its back country...only to be seen by those who backpack and hike the trails.

Backpacking Tips For Beginners

Summer And Winter Backpacking

Backpacking Yosemite

Backpacking is done year around in Yosemite. But be prepared for deep snow if you decide to do winter backpacking.

I recommend that if you come in the winter, just strap on some snowshoes and enjoy the views in complete solitude. No matter what time of year you chose to come, you will have an unforgettable adventure on these trails.

National parks in general have a great variety of trails for those who like to go backpacking. The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, the Rocky Mountains and Glacier National parks have long enticed backpackers from around the world to come and walk their trails.

Get A Back Country Permit

People who are backpacking around the world come to Yosemite for the challenge of the trails and because of the breathtaking scenery. Wilderness And back country permits must be obtained before hitting the trails. These are free. I will remind you that the permits are required if you are spending the night in the wilderness. You can get permits in the Yosemite Valley's Visitor Center, Hill's Studio Porch, Big Oak Flat Information Station, Hetch Hetchy Entrance Station, Tuolumne Meadows Ski Hut, Badger Pass or call (209) 372-0740 or (209) 372-0310. And don't forget to bring a good GPS with you!

Yosemite's Backpacking Wilderness Video

Yosemite National Park Map

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