Ansel Adams Biography

Ansel Adams biography teaches us that he was a world renowned photographer and someone who cherished the outdoors.

I've always known that he was and is best known for his black and white photos of nature. He is well identified with the pictures that he took in Yosemite National Park and of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. Because I've spent so much time in Yosemite, I knew that he was a dedicated conservationist. He moved to Yosemite in 1920 and started the Sierra Club. I've been told that he was as good at playing the piano as he was taking pictures.

By trade he was a commercial photographer. He was hired by the US National Parks to photograph their natural beauty. These pictures were sent to Congress to help environmental groups protect the parks. Ansel Adams took great pride in how he printed his pictures. He became well known for the detail and unique compositions of his pictures and won numerous awards for his excellent photographs.

It's obvious to me that this was a man who worked hard to connect people to nature through his photographs. Even today his photographs are printed from his original negatives, because they are that great.

Yosemite National Park has The Ansel Adams Gallery in the village. I find it to be a wonderful place to shop. A great place to get Ansel Adams prints. It is located in the Village. This is a specialty store featuring the famous photographers work and other beautiful things of nature. Original photographs from Adams are available in the Yosemite Valley's gallery. Other carefully selected photographers have their work showcased in the gallery as well. Native American and contemporary jewelry and handcrafted wood, ceramic and glass treasures are featured in the gallery too.

When you come to Yosemite you may sign up for CAMERA WALKS. These are guided walks by the Gallery staff. The two hour long walks are free of charge and offered throughout the year.

On these walks you will be taught basic camera techniques and how to use natural light to take outdoor pictures. I really like how they teach you how to take great Yosemite photos for yourself. The camera walks will help you to take better pictures whether you have a pocket camera or a high tech camera.

Ansel became such a famous photographer and dedicated conservationist and was so good to Yosemite that in 1985 a peak on Yosemite's eastern boundary was named for him.

Here is a great interview with Ansel's son, Michael

Ansel Adams biography books & more

Below are many Ansel Adams books. Several book choices below show Ansel's most famous prints.

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