Kathy Medina And Yosemite NP

I've climbed Half Dome 3 times to date.

Hi, my name is Kathy Medina. I have been going to Yosemite National Park regularly for 46 years. I have a wonderful husband, Glenn. Together we have three great children, Jake, Zack and Lexi. We live in Clovis, California. We live two hours from Yosemite. I am the person behind this site, the author of the book, Finding God In Autism and a web designer.

I grew up visiting Yosemite on a regular basis. For the past 50 years my parents, siblings, nephews, niece, husband and children have spent the week of July 4th in Yosemite.

Kathy Medina & family at Lower Yosemite Falls

July 1-3 is always crowded in Yosemite National Park. But come July 4th, the crowds start to leave. A lot of people head to Bass Lake because fireworks are not allowed in Yosemite. My parents started the tradition of bringing us to Yosemite to see the Firefall. Every July 4th, a large fire was made up at Glacier Point. When the fire was an ember, it was pushed off the cliff and presto....a firefall! It burned itself out before reaching Camp Curry below.

Growing up so close to Yosemite allowed us to go often. There are a lot of things to do for free or for minimal cost once your here.

Mom & Dad instilled in me my love for Yosemite :)

Kathy Medina & her family in the old days traveling to Yosemite :)))

Floating the Merced river, hiking, climbing rocks, riding horses...I have a lot of fond memories of Yosemite. I have hiked every waterfall, climbed Half Dome three times and hiked most of the Yosemite trails. I have stayed at the every Yosemite lodging place. Now, my husband and I bring our children to Yosemite several times a year and share this place with them.

Kathy Medina On top of Half Dome

Bringing our first born to Yosemite when he was 4 months old :)

Our middle child, Zack, is recovering from autism. Yosemite is his FAVORITE place to visit. So I make sure that he gets at least a day trip once a month to Yosemite National Park. Since he has no physical handicaps he can hike, climb, ride a bike, float the river...basically do all the stuff we like to do as a family. His biggest hurdle to overcome is language but he doesn't need to talk to have fun in Yosemite! With a diagnosis of autism we get a free life time pass to come and go as we please.

Tunnel View Of Yosemite National Park

Building Websites

Many years ago, I quit my job as a life insurance agent to home school Zack. I wanted to supplement our income so I wrote a book titled, Finding God In Autism. Then, I needed a place to sell it and I was blessed to find Site Build It! (SBI for short)

I knew NOTHING about building a website when I started. Site Build it taught me everything I needed to know about building websites. And I did it all in the comfort of our home. SBI gave me clear, simple videos to watch and learn. The SBI program works. The SBI system even drives free traffic to my website.

Finding God In Autism by Kathy Medina

Now, I have a couple of websites that generate an income for us. We use this money to help pay for treatments for our son, Zack and to take vacations. I earn money from ads, reservations booked on my site and items that I sell. I don't blog (don't have the time or the desire!) but if I wanted to, SBI has all the tools to do so.  

I wanted to build websites because I knew I could help others by sharing with them what I know about Yosemite National Park and how my faith gets me through autism. Sharing my knowledge through a website has been a good fit for me.

It's been a lot of work to building websites. But it has been fun and a nice distraction from autism. And now I earn even more money building sites for other people. It's nice to work from home. It's nice to pick the hours that I want to work. I have even gone on to teach two of my children how to build a website with SBI. And now they have websites of their own and are earning their own money.

I work on my website at home and while I'm in Yosemite NP.

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